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If you want to get into mining "BZ"iness but too "BusZ "  to setup hardware  and software .No need to call 911 for help , because 911.BZ has cloud hashing rigs to suit your  needs

Bitcoin (SHA-256 )/Litecoin (scrypt)/Dash (X11) cloud mining advantage

  • No Hardware Required - All mining is done in the Cloud so you do not have to worry about hardware maintenance.
  • Stable Hashrate, 100% Uptime - Cloud mining is proven to be more profitable than personal hardware mining, since all downtime is compensated.
  • Instant Setup - Mining with us is easy and requires just a quick setup.
    • You choose your rig, the duration of the rent.
    • You pay to our BTC address.
    • You specify which pool you want to mine. (You will need the pool Stratum URL, a worker name and a worker password)
    • You wait for the BTC payment to be confirmed 1 time.
    • And your rig start mining!

Bitcoin (SHA-256 ) cloud mining          

 Example result of one of our rented rigs :



Litecoin (scrypt) cloud mining

  Example result of one of our rented rigs :
Dash (X11) cloud mining
Example result of one of our rented rigs :

If you want to rent one of our rigs please click the following icon                                               



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  us. Please email to our Support teams at

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